The Pieter Hemker Prize

The Pieter Hemker prize was awarded to Houde Han, Zhongyi Huang and R.B. Kellogg for the paper "The tailored finite point method and a problem of P. Hemker". The paper explaining the method was presented by Bruce Kellogg.

Piet discussing the problem

Piet discussing the problem

Bruce and Eugene

Bruce accepting the prize from Eugene

Details of the competition

A prize will be awarded for the best contribution to the goal of designing an appropriate computational algorithm for the Hemker problem (see Pieter's home page for details of the Hemker problem and the form of the submissions). Entrants for the prize will be judged based on their ability to address the following two objectives:

1. To compute numerical approximations for all values of the singular perturbation parameter within the range [1e-8,1] with a prescribed global pointwise accuracy.

2. To minimise the amount of computational work (on a desktop computer) to achieve any prescribed tolerance.

The novelty and generality of the proposed solution strategies will also be considered when evaluating submissions for the prize.

Applicants for the prize should submit a paper (pdf format preferred) which describes the proposed method of solution and presents sample numerical output displaying the unique advantages of the proposed computational method. Sufficient evidence should be given to support any claims made by the applicant. Relevant references should also be included.

Applicants are expected to present a talk at the BAIL conference based on their application.

Applications should be sent to: 

Deadline for submissions: May 20th, 2008.

The winner will be announced at BAIL 2008.